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Picture of Gilbert



At some point in my career, I had two options; talk about myself in the third person or get involved and get things done as a change advisor.

I tell my clients what they need to hear to make a change, which is either exactly what or exactly not what they want to hear when we first meet. My honest and direct style are not for everyone, but when we click, really good things happen.

I love complex problems, will take the long way if it is the right thing to do and walk the extra mile if it means helping someone else.


My values are pretty straightforward and not something I will compromise on.

Put in the right order,they form RIGID, which is exactly how I feel about upholding them.


  1. Respect for individual differences

  2. Integrity in everything I do

  3. Give people something to believe in

  4. Inspire people to be better than they imagined possible

  5. Do good and good things will happen to you


My biggest wish is to one day make a guest appearance on Sesame Street with Cookie Monster.

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