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Small Poppy Project

Celebrating Aussie and Kiwi Change Success Stories

The Big Idea

Australia and New Zealand have many great change success stories to tell, but for various reasons they almost never get shared beyond a small group of people at conferences or seminars. But wouldn't it be great if we could talk about something else than how amazing Google, Uber or Tesla are?

This voluntary project aims to change that and give these True-Blue Aussie and All-Black Kiwi change stories a place to live, so our change communities and everyone else with an interest in Change can read them, share them and hopefully feel inspired.

The Big Plan

  1. I will collect the stories from organisations across Australia and New Zealand through interviews in person, via Skype, phone or email, what works for them.

  2. Stories will be grouped and published by theme or sector, whatever pattern emerges and works best.

  3. Initially all stories will be published on a website, perhaps later a book if it’s successful.

  4. I hope to collect and publish a first batch of 100+ stories from across Australia and New Zealand by December 2018.

  5. All proceeds (if any), will be donated to a cause working to end homelessness.

  6. All interviews will be centred around these main questions so that after a while themes and trends might start to emerge.

The Big Questions

1.What was the challenge?

​2.What was the key success factor?

​3.When did you first see that it was starting to work?

​4.What did you learn or would you do differently next time?

​5.Should others try this too?


Q: Can I also nominate someone else?

A: Yes, feel free to make an introduction or just pass on their details and I will contact them myself

Q:Can it be any kind of business?

A:Yes, not-for-profit, charities, government, NGOs, small to big business, start ups, all stories are welcome

Q: Can I talk about my own success?

A: Yes, and to make it perfectly safe and not awkward I will speak on your behalf so there’s no ‘tall poppy’ risk at all

Q: Can it be anonymous?

A: Yes, but it doesn’t have to be, it’s up to each individual and organisation

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