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What would make change management better?


Inspired by the #changeblogchallenge, 20 years of books and my own complete failure with the Small Poppy Project I am going to try and capture the collective smarts of the Global Change Community in one place with a question that should be on every Changie’s mind:  


“What would make Change Management better?”


The idea is to collect your responses from April to July 2019.


I’ll then group and collate all the replies and share the outcome with the community for our inspiration, learning and entertainment.

As to the format; share it with me however you want; post, comment, email, drawing, interpretative dance video, video chat or through an in-person interview. Depending on how many repsonses it might become a book, a video or an interactive PDF kindof document. Either way, it will be designed to be shared easily.

For all you ‘I-don’t-know-how-to-write-to save-my-life' people out there, I’d be happy to ghost write for you or you can challenge yourself and just write as much or as little as you want and see how it goes.


Be funny, angry, sceptical, academic, practical, excited or whatever works for you. I promise not to judge and help where I can.

If it turns out to be super-successful and profitable, I’ll get your votes and donate 100% to causes looking to end homelessness, that way everyone wins.

Alright, show me what you got!

Share your improvement idea

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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