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Bad Change

This book is for everyone with an interest in Change. Managers, leaders, people like you and us or those who like something a little different – a combination of comics and tips!

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Chameleon Cards

Chameleons can change their skin colour temporarily, blending with the environment. That’s how we see the Change professional of the future; effortlessly shifting from one role to the next, while their core remains grounded on 7 skills and solid principles.

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25 reasons for involving a Change Manager

You can download this poster if you are thinking about offering new services or want to explain all the things you can help to deliver change success for your clients.

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Change Management Starter Kit

Everything and everyone you need to know when you get started in Change Management.

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A New Deal for Change

Have a read to learn what i think a better deal for Change Management looks like from Emergence Magazine.

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Dear me of 2007 Poster

Just a bit of fun and hopefully some good advice from a younger me. No need to make the mistakes I made!

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