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Unconventional pricing for unconventional solutions

This might not be at all what you expected, so we've tried to answer some of the questions you might have about the pricing of our products and services.


How it works

  • You have a problem that needs solving and think we're right for the job. 

  • We come to an agreement on what it is we are trying to solve, how long that should take and what success will look like.

  • Once we agree, we get to work.

  • During the collaboration we share the responsibility of staying the course.

  • We will ask how things are going and you will provide us with detailed feedback. 

  • We can start and stop at any time, no hard feelings.

  • When the agreed success is achieved, you pay us what you think is fair for the outcome you got.

It's really that simple.

Why would you do this?

There's really only three reasons:
1. It’s the fairest and most transparent earnings model. Our customers and clients will have an opportunity to experience and evaluate our services before they pay (or not).
2. It helps to lower the threshold for people or organisations with big needs and smaller budgets to get quality services they can afford.
3. It allows us to satisfy our curiosity and put into practice what we preach about freedom of choice and honesty.

Don't you fear people will take advantage?

We trust that people who want to work with us are good, decent human beings that share our values. Besides, we weren't born yesterday and know how to spot an opportunist (most of the times).

Is this just a gimmick to stand out?

Nah, it’s been around forever, there’s research going back at least 20 years. We understand it’s not a possibility for everyone, but it is for us, so we'll experiment a bit like Thank You and 8K.

Is there a minimum price?

No. If someone feels they should get our services for free, they probably need them more than anyone else and we’d be happy to help them.

Do you have price ranges?

No. If a client is really struggling to come up with a number, we can provide some comparative examples from a previous life as consultants, but it’s still their decision

Is there a maximum price?

No, but once expenses are paid and we can live happy and healthy, we’ll donate more and more to good causes as the revenue increases.

What good causes do you support?

Anything that provides relief from poverty, hope for a better future or inspiration to potential world changers in Australia.

Can I pay you with anything?

If you indeed decide to pay us, it has to be legal, practical and of economic value to us or others for it to make sense, after all, why bother if it’s just inconvenient for all involved? Money is the easiest commodity, but if you want to pay us in chickens, a truck full of water or 1,000 vegetarian pizzas, we'll find a way to make that work for the Tax Office.

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