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Where is the change community-part 2

While writing part 1, I had waaaaay too much fun with the data of LinkedIn, Google and Bing (don't judge me) and thought to quickly share some interesting numbers. Don't get too hung up on the details, it's not peer-reviewed, tested or proofed in any way, it's just MS Office and my inner geek at work here.

I do understand that there's cultural differences, not everybody is on LinkedIn and obviously countries like China have their own versions of LinkedIn. Yep, also aware that this is a W.E.I.R.D (Western Educated Industrialised, Rich and Democratic) view of things. Still, fun!

Was quite surprised to find the UK leading the charge, with more than 13,000 self professed Changies in London (for comparison, 18,000 in all of Australia). Sort of proud to see my fellow Dutchies rank 4th in front of Canada and impressed by New Zealand in 9th place with 3,166 Change managers.

Bar graph of Top 11 countries for 'most change managers'

But why stop at 11 countries?! That's what I thought, so I took a random sample of 50 cities and countries across the world and have to give a shout out to those 4 Change Managers in North-Korea. Cannot even begin to imagine the workplace challenges they face when looking for change leadership. Tokyo with just 81 shows that you should not take these numbers too seriously when comparing to Western cultures. I am quite confident that a city of 30+ million people has a couple of thousand people working in Change.

Table of 50 cities and countries and number of change managers

The same could be said for Shanghai, Rio and Jakarta. Not sure what's up with Berlin though, something to look into next perhaps. I did notice that my cultural biases immediately kicked in when Dubai and Abu Dhabi came back as zeroes, but that was proven wrong by U.A.E with 1,000+ changies at work.

It's amazing what Excel and Powerpoint will do for you in the 2016 version. Took all of 20 minutes to figure the maps option out (see below). Not sure if it's sad or just weird, but it was the best fun I had so far this week!

World map with top 5 countries for change manager population

And then there's Oz itself proving that size doesn't matter, when it comes to change. Just compare the NT with TAS and you'll see what I mean.

Map of Australia with change managers per state

Well now, that's enough fun with numbers for the moment, you can go back to changing the world now.

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